Monday, July 13, 2009

"Am I The Monster?"

This is my other project from Junior Spring Semester. I'm still trying to find the audio file on my computer. I downloaded a new form of audacity and now it won't open or play in anything so I might have to put the sound files back together. Sucks.

Anyway, this piece worked specifically with Westley Allan Dodd, a serial murderer and child molester. It discusses how we view serial killers/rapists/molesters and our own obsession with them.


  1. thanks so much for your comment on my video gal! i saw your chronophotography on that other website and feel in love with it- so beautiful- how are you making those images?

  2. it's just long exposure! if that's the one i think your talking about? we were working with long exposure and layering of images. thanks jana :)